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Funeral Pre-Planning Services

Planning your own memorial, funeral, cremation, or burial services allows you to comfort your loved ones as they mourn the loss of your life. Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes is your Tampa Bay pre-need funeral planning partner, providing compassionate care and peace of mind.

pre-planning services

We understand that planning for your own funeral can be an emotional undertaking. However, we choose to view funeral pre-need planning as an opportunity for you to show your loved ones how much you care. By choosing songs, flowers, and passages that are meaningful to you and your family, you are able to make your presence felt as they go through this hard time.

Our pre-need specialists are compassionate and kind, making sure that you understand exactly what your service will be like, and walking you through every detail. From traditional services to modern celebrations of life, we design special events that are perfect for remembering and honoring your life, while providing what comfort you can to those you have left behind.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is always challenging, and the stress of planning when death occurs can leave executors feeling like they are too busy making arrangements to properly deal with their own grief. By freeing your loved ones of this complicated decision making process, you are allowing them to take the time they need to mourn, and are given the opportunity to show how much you care about those you have left behind by creating a memorial service that is uniquely personalized to you and the love that you have for them. All that is left is for them to send flowers, and gather with loved ones to honor your life and memory.

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Memorial Services For Your Unique Life

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Every life is unique, and every funeral should be, too. Creating a pre-need plan for memorial services, funeral arrangements, and determining how your remains should be handled allows you to ensure that your service is reflective of your life and suited to your desires.

Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes is your Tampa Bay pre-need funeral provider, providing a large array of burial and cremation memorial celebration options so you can choose the service that is right for you. We take the time to get to know you and understand your desires, providing facility tours and funeral director meet and greets so you can feel comfortable with our team and the level of service we provide. We provide funeral and direct cremation packages, ensuring you have everything you need for an impactful and meaningful event.

One of the main benefits of pre-arranging your own memorial service is the ability to pre-fund your service at today’s prices, saving you money on the services themselves while relieving the financial burden from your family and loved ones during an already difficult time. Pre-need planning makes sense for many people of various ages and health status. We can help you understand how your social security benefits or vetran status can assist with reducing the out-of-pocket cost of your services. If you think you may qualify for a military burial, we can assist with items such as veterans headstones, veterans burial flags, and more to appropriately honor your dedication and sacrifice.

Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes provides the support needed to make appropriate arrangements for your passing, allowing you to choose the services that best suit your personality, preferences, and desires. If you have specific requests, pre-funding and pre-planning your memorial service is the best way to ensure that these desires are upheld.

Pre-Need Arrangements for Couples

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The love of your spouse carries beyond the length of your life. Pre-need funeral planning for couples allows you to ensure that you will have an eternal resting place alongside someone you love. Couples often complete their preplanning form together, allowing them to select adjacent gravesites so even if they pass years apart, they are able to be together once more.

We can help you and your spouse plan ahead by creating a customized burial or cremation plan that includes adjacent placement in your final resting place, whether that includes combining your ashes to create a memorable keepsake for your children, sending your ashes into space together, or attached burial plots in one of our peaceful memorial park and cemeteries. As a complete funeral, burial, and cremation provider, Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes ensures that both you and your spouse have the right arrangements for your needs and desires.

Looking to make arrangements for your children or entire family? Discuss pre-planning for family plots, masoleums, or other family options with one of our dedicated funeral directors by calling us at 813-835-4991.

Request a Pre-Need Consultation

Brewer & Sons Tampa Funeral HomesTampa bay funeral provider, Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes, provides peace of mind, ensuring that your memorial is exactly as you desire. We help you plan ahead, lifting the burden of arranging services from your loved ones during an already challenging time. Pre-planning funeral services allows you to truly create a memorable and meaningful service that is in keeping with your personality, lifestyle, and personal wishes. Our pre-need specialists will walk you through our prearrangements form, ensuring every aspect of your service is planned to your desires and reflective of your life choices and personality.

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