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Pet Funeral & Cremation Services

Losing a family member is always difficult, even if that member of your family is a dog, cat, small mammal, bird, reptile, or other pet. Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes provides compassionate services for the furry and four-legged, with pet funeral and pet memorial services that can support the grieving process for even the youngest mourners.

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We understand how important it is to take the time to properly say goodbye to those who have shared your life. We provide meaningful pet memorial services, customized to your desires. We provide all of the same options for pets as we do for our standard funerals and cremations, including services at our Tampa funeral home or at an alternative location, and even providing in-ground pet burial at a gravesite in one of our pet cemeteries so you can visit your loved one any time you desire.

Just as we have specialty cremation services for the humans in your life, we also provide pet cremation services. If you would like their ashes to be scattered to sea, sent into space, or turned into a unique piece of jewelry or other keepsake, we can assist with those arrangements as well.

Call Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes at 813-835-4991 for your Pet Funeral Services Free Consultation.

Customized Pet Memorial Services

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Not only do we take care of the physical remains of your pet, we also provide complete pet funeral services to honor the memory of your loved one. We will handle all of the arrangements needed for creating a meaningful service that appropriately honors the life of your pet, providing a peaceful setting for sharing memories and saying final goodbyes. This can be especially helpful for the younger members of your family who may be experiencing grief for the very first time.

Our compassionate funeral directors and staff understand that a pet is often a long-time companion, and the loss of this companion can be felt as deeply as that of losing a best friend, spouse, or child. We ensure that every service is handled with the honor and dignity that your loved one deserves. If your pet is in poor health, we can assist with pre-need planning, creating customized arrangement plans that meet the needs of your family. When the time comes, you will only need to notify us so we can begin scheduling the services, taking some of the stress of this already challenging time.

Pet funeral services are the perfect opportunity to honor their love and companionship one last time.

Complete Memorial Services Providers

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Family members come in many different shapes and sizes, from those you were born with to those you found, created, or adopted. The loss of any family member is deeply felt, and deserving of an appropriate time for grieving and memorial. With customized memorial services by Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes, we ensure that your loved ones are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes provides personalized pet memorial services, allowing you to honor your companion while taking the time to mourn for your loss. Losing a pet can be just as challenging as losing a human that you have loved. That is why we treat every service with the same loving care we would provide for our own family members.

Our Exceptional Pet Services Include:

  • Transportation from your home or veterinary office/hospital to our location for your loved one
  • Compassionate guidance with arrangements for pet burial or cremation
  • Customized pet funeral, memorial service, or private family goodbyes
  • Large selection of keepsakes, pet urns, and unique remembrance gifts
  • Pet grief and loss coping support for every member of your family

Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes is your Tampa Bay pet funeral services provider, handling every aspect of the mourning process. Our compassionate funeral directors and support staff are here to help you through this challenging time, helping you make the right decisions for creating an impactful and meaningful celebration of life for any of your loved ones who have passed.

Request a Pet Services Consultation

Brewer & Sons Tampa Funeral HomesThe funeral directors at Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes provide free pet funeral service consultations, providing the options available to you for creating a meaningful memorial service. Whether you desire pet cremation, pet burial, or want to provide a memorial service for family to gather to honor your long-time companion, we ensure that all arrangements are handled appropriately and with the same attention to detail that we give every client.

Call Brewer & Sons Funeral Homes at 813-835-4991 for your Pet Memorial Services Free Consultation.